Why Chesapeake? Our Rewarding Culture

Everyone matters at Chesapeake Utilities. We continue to enhance the work experience by building a more inclusive culture that provides the resources for our employees to achieve their goals and make meaningful connections with fellow employees, customers and within our communities.

Chesapeake Utilities is focused on sustaining our aspiring and caring culture that nurtures our shared values and encapsulates the essence of our Company. Our talented workforce comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds working collaboratively across the Company is a pillar of our foundation for growth.

Our continued growth depends upon investing in our employees, empowering them to leverage their expertise and celebrating Company successes and employees’ achievements. One way the Company expresses gratitude for employees is through the Chesapeake Cares program. A team of more than 40 Brand Champions organizes these events for their colleagues. During Cares events, we welcome new employees, celebrate employee milestones and highlight colleagues’ efforts and achievements through our recognition program.

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