Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance practices focus on establishing a culture that promotes integrity and accountability. The essence of this focus is behind everything that we do for our company, people, customers, community and investors to ensure that everyone matters, every day.

Board and Board Committees

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Corporate Governance Guidelines are a series of policies and principles that are adhered to when overseeing the corporate governance of the Company.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics policies and practices reflect our commitment to continuously promote ethical conduct throughout the organization and to ensure that representatives of the Company demonstrate ethical business practices.
Ethics and Compliance Program Summary
Code of Ethics for Financial Officers
Business Code of Ethics

Policies and Statements

The Company’s Policies and Statements are provided below.

Political Advocacy Statement

Communications with the Board

Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate directly with the Board, a committee of the Board, or any individual director by sending written communications to any of them at the Company.

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Annual Meeting/Proxy Materials

To view the Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement, our Annual Report on Form 10-K, as well as other related information, click here.

Communications with the Board

Stockholders and other parties interested in communicating directly with the Board, a committee of the Board, any individual director, the director who presides at executive sessions of the non-management or independent directors, or the non-management or independent directors, in each case, as a group, may do so by sending a written communication to the attention of the intended recipient(s) in care of the Corporate Secretary at Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, 909 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, Delaware 19904.

The Corporate Secretary will forward all appropriate communications to the intended recipient(s).  Communications relating to accounting, internal controls or auditing matters are handled in accordance with procedures established by the Audit Committee with respect to such matters.  These communications procedures have been unanimously approved by the independent directors.

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